Freshen Up Plus

Freshen Up PlusFore Green Solutions, LLC is New England’s exclusive distributor for BioQuest Freshen Up Plus, a dry formulation used to reduce odors and degrade organic material.

Use this specially formulated product to clean up some of the following:

Urine, Vomit, Human and Animal Feces, Fish Cleaning Tables, Outhouses, Vault Toilets, Composting Toilets, RV and Boat Toilets, Grease Spills, Trash Receptacles and Dumpsters, Loading Docks, Gravel Driveways, Bars and Alcohol Spills, Drains, Kennels and Veterinary Clinics, Garbage Facilities, Hospitals, Restaurants and Hotels, Farms, Parks, Bathrooms, and Food and Beverage Processing Plants.

Want to learn more about Freshen Up Plus? Contact us at 978.798.1010 or send an e-mail to Pat Griffin.

“After trying many different heavy duty products to reduce the smell from our organic dump facility at Oak Hill Country Club, we tried Bio Quest Freshen Up Plus. We were amazed at how all it worked! It dissolves very nicely, has no odor, and within minutes of application the malodor disappears!”

-Scott Lagana, CGCS, Grounds Superintendent
Oak Hill Country Club, Fitchburg, Massachusetts