BLC Formula 55

Fore Green Solutions, LLC presents BLC Formula 55, Biological Beverage Tower Line Cleaner

BLC Formula 55BLC Formula 55 is a bio-enzymatic treatment specifically formulated to eliminate organic buildup found in beverage tower lines. It contains billions of beneficial microbes, providing bio-enzymatic action to rapidly digest the unwanted substances. It is a safe and superior alternative to commercial chemical drain cleaners. Regular use of BLC Formula 55 will help to prevent clogged beverage tower lines and related foul odors, and costly plumbing services. Use it in restaurants, fast food operations, bars and pubs, hotels, grocery stores (including drain lines from freezer and chiller units), schools, stadiums, ice cream shops, theme parks, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, breweries, and other places where sugar and carbohydrate buildup is a concern.

  • MAINTAINS free flowing drains by degrading organic buildup that commonly occurs in beverage tower lines.
  • REDUCES disruption of service and associated plumbing and maintenance costs.
  • ELIMINATES unpleasant drain odors influencing the perception of customers and health authorities.
  • CONVENIENT to use.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY preferable: safe to use, won’t harm plumbing.
  • BIO-ENZYMATIC activity provides both quick and long lasting results.

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