Goslyn Environmental Systems

Fore Green Solutions, LLC is New England’s exclusive distributor for Goslyn Environmental Systems, the industry leader in fat, oil, and grease (FOG) separation equipment.

Goslyn Environmental Separator
The Goslyn Separator is a patented system that has no moving parts. It significantly reduces the levels of FOG in waste water effluent. As a result, costs are reduced for restaurants, supermarkets and others in the food processing industry.

Recommended applications include use with sinks, dishwashers, and combi and rotisserie ovens.

Goslyn Separator is the most environmentally safe, easy to use, easy to clean, and cost effective solution to FOG in commercial kitchens.

More About Goslyn Separators

Click on the image below to watch the Goslyn video to see how the system works!

Goslyn Environmental video link

We also recommend that you visit Goslyn Environmental Systems WEBSITE.

Want to learn more about Goslyn Environmental’s FOG solutions? Contact us at 978.798.1010 or e-mail Pat Griffin.